What is house-sales-direct?

We are a modern estate agent recognising that the world we now live in has changed, particularly in how people search for properties, and how they are likely to buy in the future. We offer all the services that a traditional estate agent does, but partially online, and then with your own personal sales manager to see your sale through to a successful completion.

Why should we use house-sales-direct?

Did you know that 98% of all property searches are now made online? Traditional estate agents work really well, but they can be expensive in some cases. If you want an alternative that gives you nearly all the services of a high street estate agent, but can save you money, then here we are. Having been an estate agent for over 18 years, I had the vision to see at the launch of the internet, that the way business would be transacted, would change throughout the years. I have kept with the traditional agency model and this is our new venture offering a home based way to sell and save you money.

This site simplifies and explains the whole process, which can be perceived as complicated, however, with our high street experience of 18 years and our partner specialists to deal with your sale from start to finish, they will update you all the way through giving you peace of mind that your house sale is in a safe pair of hands.

Who’s house- sales- direct for?

We have designed our site for all vendors of West Yorkshire to save you money. In some cases this could be thousands for the higher end of the market. I am a proud Yorkshire man born and bred, and I am striving to offer the hardworking people of this region a money saving offer.

Can I use an agent and be on house-sales-direct?

Yes you can, however, do check the agents contract, you may be liable to pay them multiple agency fees and/or still have to pay the agent if you sell through us.

We are completely transparent throughout the process. You only pay our fee of £795.00 (no vat applicable) for our services up front, thus saving you potentially hundreds of pounds. Should you decide to terminate our agreement at any time, this can be done with a simple email to ourselves, and results in no nasty cancellation charges, however, the upfront fee is lost. This is a great way of selling your home should you be fully committed to the end of the process" There are no additional fees once completion takes place.

Where will my property be seen?

We are partnering with Zoopla and of course throughout our developing relationship, we will look at all the leading portals and online sites to expose your property to a wider audience.

Are we estate agents?

Yes. We are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) scheme and follow its Code of Practice. Once you instruct us to sell your property, one of our agents will call to see you, to take the property details and professional photographs to commence marketing of your property, within 48 hours of visiting you.

How long do you advertise our property?

The simple answer is until it sells or you ask us to remove it. No time limit applies, unlike other online sites.

When are we open for business?

Office open hours are – full agency 9-00am – 5.00pm and live chat is manned along with emails until later.

Does it benefit to have a floor plan & the Virtual Tour?

It certainly does. Various statistics have proved that people searching on listings with a floor plan spend 35% longer on that listing than without one. So the longer people look at your property the more likely they may request to view it. Virtual Tours are like a movie of your home. We create this for you at an additional cost of £75.00 by partnering with a specialist company. No site visit is required.

How long does an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) last?

They last for 10 years from the date of purchase. If you already have an EPC you do not require another one unless you have made some energy changes to your property such as replacing your boiler with a new Energy rated condensing type.

Do you vet potential viewers?

Yes we take their full names, numbers, address, financial situation and if they have a property to sell.

How does it work with house-sales-direct if my home is already for sale with an agent?

We cannot advertise your property if you have signed a contract for sole agency. You will need to give notice before you can switch services to us.

How will you value my property?

We are able to compile a value electronically comparing previous properties that have sold close by or on the same street. Searches are made from HM Land Registry figures, along with Rightmove, and of course your final input as to the condition and style of your property. We all know approximately what our house is worth. After all it is only worth what someone will pay for it.

How quickly can you visit me to market my property?

We will arrange the visit within 48 hours. The length of time for the home visit to be conducted will be dependent on your availability and ours. Usually within 3-4 days of the booking.

What is your experience in the Industry?

I commenced a successful high street practice in 1997, so over 18 years.

Will you come to show potential buyers around my home?

Viewers prefer being showed around by the homeowner who can chat to buyers about any questions they may have in a more relaxed manner. (We could not answer any questions about your home better than you!) and you will find that even traditional estate agents let a lot of homeowners do their own viewings.

Will you negotiate the offers for me?

Yes we do and this is where we are different and unique. We have partnered with a specialist company who have an industry low fall through rate of less than 14%. They will take over the sale management from the point of “Sale Agreed” until exchange and completion. At the sale agreed stage we will send them the sale memo, together with their sales progression instruction form. As soon as this is received it is logged on to our system and ready for us to track. Your account manager will make intro calls to all parties and evaluate the sale. Once the sale evaluation has been completed our exchange and completion forecast dates are available.

Fast Track Conveyancing with a fixed price for vendors and purchasers.

We all know the longer an exchange takes, the more likely the sale is to fall through, which is why we have partnered with CMS conveyancing. Their current average completion time scale is 7.6 WEEKS and they have certain sales complete in 2-3 WEEKS. We can offer fixed price conveyancing for yourself and your buyer and act on both sides for a 14+ days faster sale. A sales progression service is free if you elect to take our conveyancing service and why wouldn’t you? if it helps sell your house quicker.

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